Domino is a playful interactive installation. Using a domino stone, the observer is invited to trigger the familiar chain reaction of falling dominos, only with one major difference: the following stones are contained within a series of consecutive flatpanel displays. By lifting the original stone, the "fallen" stones "stand up" again and the game is reset.
On the one hand, the installation alludes to the increasing prevalence of an online-video-culture and raises questions about authenticity in a rapidly advancing technological landscape. Many of these questions can be found floating around in online forums and among social networking communities.
On the other hand, the installation's content (the chain reaction) reveals the digital process that drives the work. In order to play the three videos, three separate computers are connected to one another to execute a series of independent applications. Furthermore, the falling dominos play on the technological conventions of digital media, invoking the idea of the moving image as a series of single frames appearing in quick succession, one after another.

domino_5 domino_3 domino_1 domino_2 domino_4