We, Moritz Schell and Frederic Seybicke, make up the media art duo, weAREmedienkuenstler. We've been working together for 5 years in the fields of interface design, scenography, and light- and video installation. Together, we've developed numerous works through the course of our studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar - and have additionally exhibited independent and commissioned work. In early 2011, we founded weAREmedienkuenstler, giving our artist collective a name. Throughout our artistic collaboration, we've increasingly focused on human-machine-interfaces. Nowadays, immersed in a world of rapid technological development, we constantly encounter interfaces in our daily lives. Through art-improvisations, we reconfigure existing interfaces, creating new interaction-systems or ironizing the relationship between human beings and machines.
Since April 2013 we've been working as artistic collaborators at the Bauhaus University Weimar for the chair of multimedia-storytelling. Additionally, we continue to realize our exhibition series, Transitions, with the support of funding from the German region of Thuringia. Furthermore, we present the work of young artists and designers in rotating exhibitions in our gallery.